Linux World Expo

Linux World Expo

Post by kyi » Wed, 10 Jul 2002 21:02:32

Ok it's all set. I'm going to LWE on August 14th. Hope to see some of you
there ;-) An if I can I'll take a lot of pictures to post so that everyone
that cannot go will get a peek at what they missed.

I also wanted to mention that if anyone is playing around with 802.11b
links. That my friend & I have setup a (almost) 5 mile link across our town
here in centrel california. The idea came from a /. article at first. We
made a 'cantenna' at first and it worked great, almost a mile. Then I
modified a old prime star dish to mount the 'cantenna' to, that resulted in
a 28-31db gain antenna that really kicks ass. I also butchered my wap11 so
that it would be weather proof. If you remove the guts from a wap11 the
hardwre will fit into a 1.5"x3"x5" radio shack project box. Seal that up
and attach it to a high gain antenna mounted to a 48' pole and you've got
your self a long distance high speed wifi link. If anyone is interested in
a step-by-step web site with pictures I can make one later on tonight, for
now here is a fe shots of the 'cantenna' before mounting it to the prime
star dish.

IF you have a Ipaq or Zaraus here is some backgrounds for you as well.

- kyi


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i'll be in San Jose for the Linux World Expo from 28/02/99 - 04/03/99.
Flying to the US from Germany is expensive enough, so i am interested
in sharing a double-room in a [h|m]otel somewhere in the SJ area.

I am male, 32, married with one son.



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