(another) entertaining InfoWorld article about Windows 95 crashes

(another) entertaining InfoWorld article about Windows 95 crashes

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Bob Livingston talks about the sundry ways people cope with
Windows 95 crashes :
exerpt :

I was startled by the number of people who periodically reinstall
        and their applications after backing up their documents and then
        formatting their C: drives. I've heard of individuals doing
this, but I didn't
        realize how many corporations routinely perform this procedure
for all
        users. One IS manager does it every 95 days. (So that's what the
95 stands
        for ... .)


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(Stuff removed)

BTW Powerpoint does not seem to run under WIN95's BETA.

I have a couple of friends who are running the Win95 beta, and the word
that I have gotten on PowerPoint is that it works but has noticable
problems.  Certainly not the level of problems that I have heard about
Novell's PerfectOffice suite.  (Kind of humorous considering that
PerfectOffice was just starting to make some inroads versus MS Office.)

Bill Flusek
MCI Communications

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