OS Holy Wars: One Very Interesting Article

OS Holy Wars: One Very Interesting Article

Post by Tim Littl » Wed, 15 Oct 1997 04:00:00

A head-to-head, no-favorites-played comparison of network OSs/internet
servers with some points of interest relative to recent postings here.
One warning: do not go here if favorable comments about NT bring on
apoplexy, etc. There are more than a few.


An excerpt:

"Today, Linux is a remarkably fast and stable POSIX-compliant Unix
operating system that runs on a variety of hardware platforms including
x86, Sparc, MIPS, Digital Equipment's Alpha and even the Motorola 68000
architecture, and is actively being supported, documented and developed
by thousands of hackers, administrators and users all over the world.

In our performance tests, Linux soundly*ed all its opponents,
including BSD and NT,
which cost hundreds of dollars more. What's more, the system scales
beautifully, from 153 connections and 646 kilobytes of throughput with
100 users connected, to 230 connections per second and 996 kilobytes of
throughput with 300 virtual users connected.

Linux also showed a boost in performance with the addition of a second
CPU, although at
300 virtual users it seemed to sputter a bit under the extreme load and
fall back to a clip that was below its performance with 100 users.

The software is free under the GNU Public License, and despite the wide
variety of
software that runs on it, including X-Windows, TCP/IP networking and a
slew of compilers and de*s, Linus himself still controls the
"official" kernel releases (although an entire tree of "unofficial"
patches is constantly available for those who can't wait for formal

As an operating system, Linux is like an overweight, hairy uncle who
just seems to grow on you. Because of its widespread development model,
it supports just about everything.
Because of the lack of centralized control, it handles some functions
better than others, and there are even a few functions it can't do well
at all.

No matter what piece of hardware you have, someone somewhere on the
Internet has a
Linux driver for it. While this may make initial hardware configuration
a bit like an Easter egg hunt, Linux is still fun to use, reliable and
quite capable as a Web server platform once it's up and running."

Thought you'd like that. Other good stuff as well.



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OS Holy Wars: One Very Interesting Article

Post by Andrew Cos » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

>As an operating system, Linux is like an overweight, hairy uncle who
>just seems to grow on you.

I like that one :)