operating system opinion

operating system opinion

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osOpinion is the site devoted to giving the average computing professional
the soapbox in which he/she may stand upon to let his/her opinions about
the computer and technology industry be known.

osOpinion already has a large following. It is primarily viewed by the
technology leaders that influence our society. If you have a strong
opinion about something that is happening or has recently happened within
the technology industry, here is the place to voice that opinion for the
several thousand who visit every day.

We would like to welcome computer savvy educated professionals, to
contribute as well as read each others commentary.

There are many people that contribute. People of all ages, computing
backgrounds, as well as those that have different agendas.

osOpinion is also the place to check up on all the Top News & Opinion
headlines around the web This link database us updated every 15 minutes!
osOpinion can be found on the web by linking to us at: www.osopinion.com