Debate: PowerMac "trounces" Pentium....???

Debate: PowerMac "trounces" Pentium....???

Post by Charles C. Abne » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>> > Yepp. I ment real multitasking (no macos) and real 32-bit (no win95).
>>                ^^^^
>> You misspelled pre-emptive. :)

>> David Findley

>And you mis-spelled mis-spelled, by the same token. Actually, "preemptive"
>is a preferred common spelling, without the hyphen (as is "misspell.")
>Talk about picking totally irrelevant nits! Isn't that why there's a
>comp.os.multitasking.jargon.spelling newsgroup?

Pay attention to the carets, man! preemptive, or pre-emptive it just aint
spelled r-e-a-l.

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