linux on PMAC6100

linux on PMAC6100

Post by Neil Curz » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have a PowerMac 6100 and I want to run Linux on it when it comes out. I will
be adding more hard disk space and proberly more RAM to inorder to do this.
My question concerns my monitor: I have an Apple 14" RGB trintron. The
picture quality is excellent as you would expect but it only supports a
resolution of 640*480. The Mac it self, with it's internal video, can support
upto 800*600 in 8 bit colour: I could sell the monitor and get another one.
My friend, who uses linux a lot, recommends a resolution of 1024*768, as he
says that I will have a hard time in 640*480.

My question is: how practical will linux be in 640*480?

Thanks in advance.

Neil Curzon
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