testing, please reply via mail

testing, please reply via mail

Post by B'iche » Mon, 28 Sep 1998 04:00:00

        I am sorry to sound like an idiot. but I switched Isps and I do not
know if their newgroup software (dnews) or my new  email address  are
working correctly.
        Therefore if someone could post a short reply via email, if
possible and/or a followup in the newsgroups. it would be greatly
        Btw, Linux is also great for poor people, who due to visual
infirmities cannot otherwise use windows. ;) Is there any other Visually
impaired Linux users in the world?
        Last one. Is there a Linux Users Group in Willimantic, Connecticut,
United States? if not, how many are interested in starting such a group?

When a Klingon  goes to Linux.  It means one must respect the Klingons
pride and honorable decision to work their  computers to their fullest
        Linux is Proudly displayed  to all my friends. and I help  get
others going  on this powerful  alternative to the  watered down mush
served by Microslop.


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I posted my question on comp.mail.elm and got no answer. I hope
Sb. here can give me some hints.

I have a problem to reply internal email.
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When I try to reply sb, I got an email bounced saying:

But elm can populate the user name correct under

Could you please email me your suggestion if you know?

PS. 1. I am using Solaris 2.3.
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