will SuSE (or others) run "RedHat" applications??

will SuSE (or others) run "RedHat" applications??

Post by ant.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

: A big general THANKS to all the advice here.  (I'm the newbie that started this
: thread.)

: I'm now running SuSE 6.2 - and I'm VERY happy.  This is amazing.

: I struggled with RedHat for weeks, never did get it to work.

Wow! It took me two tries with RedHat 4.2.  Upgrading to RedHat 6.0 went
flawlessly in one try. Never could get OpenLinux 2.2 (Caldera) to
recognize my mouse or modem, though.

All the more reason for multiple distributions, I guess.

: SuSE was a breeze and here I am with a smile.


Antryg - The Linux dist that works is the best one for you. :)


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