ms linux?

ms linux?

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ms linux?

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I am ready to buy mine!  Can we place pre-release orders at your site?


ms linux?

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bwhahaahhah.....  Great fun, Rod.



ms linux?

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Yeah! Nice one.....

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1. Winblows NT to be named MS-Linux? 8-)

 Name game: Microsoft to rechristen NT

By Cara Cunningham, Bob Trott, and Ephraim Schwartz
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 4:29 AM PT, Oct 10, 1998
Microsoft is revving up the marketing engines for the next millennium
and is considering giving the next release of Windows NT a new name
and an earlier-than-expected release date.

Microsoft officials are mulling a new name for the next-generation
server/workstation OS, according to several sources close to the
company. And although the software giant reportedly has not yet
decided what will replace the "New Technology" abbreviation, sources
said two candidates have emerged: Windows Professional, or Pro, and
Windows 2000.

Heck, why not just come out with a Linux distribution?


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