NetMeeting and masquerading

NetMeeting and masquerading

Post by Sietse Viss » Wed, 04 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have been playing with NetMeeting on a W95 box, accessing the
Internet via a Linux box that masquerades the IP-address of the
W95 box.
I can connect to other NetMeeters, they can hear me, but I can't
hear them.

FTP, Real Audio and IRC require a special module to be loaded
in the kernel. Does this apply to NetMeeting as well? If so, is
it available?

I'm using kernel 2.1.7 right now.

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I founde the following:

"There is NO versions available for Netmeeting 3.x and/or 2.2.x kernels as
of yet."


Is this the latest status or has somebody developed a solution for the h.232


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