segmentation fault w/core dump using 'who' cmd

segmentation fault w/core dump using 'who' cmd

Post by Jeffrey Moye » Fri, 26 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have grokked the sources for who... it seems that the version posted on
RedHat's ftp site is fixed.  I would recommend updating who.  It will work
properly for large utmp files, and the latency is minimal.  However, with
such a large user base, I agree that 'w' should be used.  Just remember to
apply all of the patches (if you d/l the SRPM) before compiling.



1. segmentation fault w/core dump using 'who' cmd

currently when I run the 'who' command i get a segmentation fault and
a core dump. the system is a pentium pro with 128MB ram. Usaully have
around 100 users logged in at any given time. On system reboots the
command works fine. After a few days the command stops working. I have
heard that this is a problem 'who' and the number of people logged in.
Is there a fix out there. I am currently up to date with all redhat
fixes. The os is rh 5.0.

Is there another version of 'who' that will work. Never had a problem
with rh 4.2.


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