pthreads and semaphores

pthreads and semaphores

Post by Greg Ricke » Sat, 02 Aug 1997 04:00:00

       I am trying to move an application on to Linux that uses Posix
pthreads and semaphores.
So far I have found what I need for pthreads under Linux but I can't
find anything support
for the semaphore stuff(sem_init,sem_open,sem_post,....). I am just
missing something or
does Linux not support this yet. I am running RedHat Linux 4.2.


  Greg Ricker


1. Are pthreads' semaphores supposed to do this or is it a Linux bug?

By mistake, I had coded (in pseudo code)

Program Initialization
    Initialize semaphore with sem_init()
    acquire semaphore with sem_wait()
    if( Optional Test )
        release semaphore with sem_post()

Program Processing

Program Termination
    acquire semaphore with sem_wait()

And didn't execute the optional test and the program hung.  Fine, I
understand that.  But then I changed the last sem_wait() to sem_trywait()
and the program still hung.  That I don't understand.  Is this a bug or is
there something in these semaphores that hangs when a program tries to wait
on a semaphore that it already has acquired?

FWIW, It's gcc-2.95.3 & libc-5.3.12-31.


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