killall -STOP xclock... hangs filesystem

killall -STOP xclock... hangs filesystem

Post by Colin Hirsc » Thu, 07 May 1998 04:00:00


I am using kernel 2.0.33 on a P55C (P166MMX) with something that was a
RedHat 3.0.3 some time ago.

In preperation for playing an animation under X I "killall -STOP"ed the two
xclocks and one xosview running on the machine (this I did as
root)(paranoia mode -- I want smooth playback).

I had no problem with the animation, but then, completely independent, I
tried to copy some file around (as normal user) but got a "file too large"
error. The copy operation left the destination file empty (source was like
3kb and there were still enough bytes free left). I then tried to do a
"echo hallo > ttt", to no avail. A file ttt was created, but left empty
again. The same happened on other partitions...

After completely killing the stopped tasks everything worked as normal
again. I have yet to reprocduce this bug. It is not the first time that I
kill -STOP processes for some reason, but the first time such a strange
behaviour has occured -- at least I can't explain it.

Regards, Colin


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