smartGDB and MIT pthreads

smartGDB and MIT pthreads

Post by Matthew Newho » Sat, 29 Nov 1997 04:00:00


  I'm using smartGDB and the version of MIT pthreads that can be
  downloaded from the smartGDB site:

  My system is stock Debian 1.3.1.

  The problem is that smartGDB doesn't work quite right.  When I
  interrupt and do an ls-threads it doesn't know what the current
  running thread is.  The value of pthread_run (which is supposed to be
  a pointer to the current thread) is null.  When I run an
  multithreaded application that does reads if I interrupt and attempt
  to context switch I get crashes at random times.  Sometimes in
  smartGDB, and sometimes when I continue the application running.

  According to the web site FSU threads is supposed to be supported.
  However, the thread-debug command doesn't know anything about FSU
  threads, and from looking at the source I can see that there is no
  code to support that package.

  Are these a known problems?  Does smartGDB work for other people?


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