smbfs 0.4 doesn't compile with 1.3.3

smbfs 0.4 doesn't compile with 1.3.3

Post by Dean Carpent » Fri, 23 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I just compiled 1.3.3 with no problems.  Went to recompile smbfs-0.4
and it dies in several places.  Don't have time to really look into
it, I'm going home to pack to move house this weekend.  Next week,
maybe Thu or so.

Anyone else tried this combo ?


PS. Please mail me - I won't be reading mail for a week :(


1. OSR5.0.4 Outgoing Mail doesn't

I completed a fresh install of OSr5.0.4 Enterprise early this morning,
choosin to retain the MMDF MTA I had used in 5.0.0. I had saved the MMDF
configuration files and simply copied tem back into the appropriate places
(after saving copies of the installed ones), ran dbmbuild and ...
Incoming mail works as before.  Outgoing mail is routed to my ISp via a
UUCP connection and it doesn't make it into the /usr/spool/uucp/ISP

The message line in the /usr/mmdf/log/msg.log is :

    7/15 15:39:34 submit0971: [SYSERR(2) No such file or directory] err
        [ABEND(FCR)] subdirectory 'q.badhosts' missing.

I searched a master backup of the OSr5.0.0 system and it apparently did
not have a q.badhosts subdirectory either (though it. Is this new with
5.0.4?  Where should it be located? Is there any problem with just
creating it? (I searched both the entire doc set and the TA database for
.badhosts and did not find any reference to it.)

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