How to debug: new HD causes kernel to hang?

How to debug: new HD causes kernel to hang?

Post by Mark & Kathy Clayto » Sat, 16 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Whenever put a Quantum Fireball Plus KA 13.6gig HD into my
machine the kernel hangs on boot.  The kernel is 2.2.13,
Macmillian (Mandrake/Redhat) 6.5.  It hangs right after it
probes the controller hardware, but before it displys any
partition information.  

I'd like to work through and debug the code, but I don't
know where to begin.  Can someone help get get me started?
Here's the hardware FWIW:

AMD K6-2 450
BioStar ATX Mother board model M5ALA
128 Megs RAM
2 Quantum HD:
  Master Sirocco 2.5MB
  Slave Fireball Plus KA 13.6gig
Memorex 40X IDE CD-ROM (Master on second cntrlr)
Phillips IDE CD-RW (Slave on second cntrlr)
Kingston EtheRx PCI ethernet card
Video: Riva TNT (PCI)
SoundBlaster 16 (ISA)
SIIG serial port (ISA)



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Thanks in advance.

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