PCI Driver development (Questions)

PCI Driver development (Questions)

Post by Michael Neuff » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

:   I am looking at the feasibility of using linux as a development environment
: which utilizes a special purpose PCI board.
:   I am trying to scope out
: the complexity of developing a driver for a PCI board.  I am not a linux
: user (yet) so I am uncertain of the level of documentation on driver
: development which accompanies the OS.

There is not very much available on that topic. The best point to start
would be the Kernel Hackers Guide if you're looking for docs.

: Is there lots of driver source
: available to use as a reference?  PCI drivers in particular? Any ideas or
: pointers would be very appreciated.

Just get the kernle source and look for example at the drivers aic7xxx.c,
eata_dma.c and fdomain.c in linux/drivers/scsi

I hope that gives you some hints to start.


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