HEY GURUS! Can I mount Drvspace parts?

HEY GURUS! Can I mount Drvspace parts?

Post by Soren Cur » Sat, 14 Oct 1995 04:00:00

OK I don't compile my kernel fifty times a day but I am used to doing it...

Here's the story: I inanely got suckered into using drvspace3 which comes
with my pirated copy of ms-plus for win92 <-(the year it SHOULD'VE come out)
or should I say win99 <-(the year the serious bugs will disappear by).
Anyhow now I have these damn compressed dos partitions - two of 'em . How
can I get Linux to access all the raunchy gif files I keep on them?

Seriously, I need to mount these drvspaced partitions . Is there a kernel patch
for this or am I shit out of luck?

I already checked ftp.cc.gatech.edu (a sunsite mirror) in
/pub/Linux/system/Filesystems to no avail. Share your knowledge people!

Thanks to all who respond - even if it's just to say * off.




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