Howto use /dev/cpu/%d/msr

Howto use /dev/cpu/%d/msr

Post by Mathias Waac » Wed, 13 Mar 2002 18:32:04

Hi all,

I'm trying to find out how to use the /dev/cpu/%d/msr devices to monitor
the performance of an application. Could someone post a small example? I'm
especially interesting in finding out how many instructions are executed in
a function call.



1. DevFS support for /dev/cpu/X/(cpuid|msr)

First comment: please send the patch inline, not MIME-encoded.

Second comment: devfs_(un)register_per_cpu() doesn't belong in
fs/devfs/base.c. I don't even think it should be in fs/devfs/util.c.
I think it belongs kernel/smp.c (that's right, create a new file).
There's too much duplicated SMP code in each arch/ tree. Let's create
a place for new stuff to be shared.

So, please send along your next version of the patch (inlined, of



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