Media (Medium ?) Changer Supported ?

Media (Medium ?) Changer Supported ?

Post by chla » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

  My boss get me a pioneer 1804x to build a WWW server.

  I am considering linux. After read all the FAQ and Howto,
  But find nothing about the changer.

  Instead of using 3 id to get all 18 disks to work.
  The Pioneer 1804x get 2 only luns.
  Lun0 is a normal CD-Rom.
  Lun1 is a Medium Changer.

  My problem is:
  1. Linux support the Changer ?
     How to operate it ?
     Does anyone writing driver ?

  If the previos question is NO.
  2. I want to write the changer driver myself,
     please help me getting the docs needed.

  Anyway, thanks for your notice.  




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Does anyone have anything along these lines?  (If you are really nice, and
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beat starting from scratch!)



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