Parallel Interface Info?

Parallel Interface Info?

Post by Alan L. Folsom, J » Sat, 05 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Please forgive any newbie faux-paus, There is a ton of information
available on Linux, and I'm having trouble winnowing through it!

I am new to Linux, although I used Unix a lot about 7 years ago.  I need to
interface to a custom device using a bidirectional parallel port.  The
device can operate in either a normal DMA block mode, or ECP mode.  Do the
standard Linux parallel port drivers support this?  Are there any drivers
available otherwise to support bidirectional parallel and ECP?

I don't mind doing driver work if necessary, but would prefer to avoid it.

If you can direct me to any tutorials or other help for this, I would very
much appreciate it.


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