Compile module on custom kernel

Compile module on custom kernel

Post by sombr » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 14:09:41

> Hi all

> I recently compiled a module on my custom kernel 2.4.8-34.1bry using the
> source code provided with 2.4.8-34.1mdk. It compiles fine and installs
> to /lib/modules/linux-2.4.8-34.1bry/ but when I try to insert it with
> insmod it rejects it saying that

> there was a kernel-module version mismatch, the module was compiled for
> 2.4.8-34.1mdk not the running kernel 2.4.8-34.1bry.

> "uname" identifies the kernel info as 2.4.8-34.1bry and ismod -f does
> not help.

> Any ideas where the compilation process is picking up the "mdk"?  BTW: I
> do have 2.4.8-34.1mdk installed as a backup kernel.

> Thanks for any help
> Bryce

Did you try make dep and make modules_install after doing make bzImage?
Indeed, by doing this you will overwrite your original 2.4.8-mdk kernel
modules, and the module conflicts will get lost.
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