2.2.9 stopping network

2.2.9 stopping network

Post by Bill Woessne » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00

I'm running kernel 2.2.9 on an older P133 with 48 MB of RAM and a 3c509
network card.  Every now and then, the network simply stops.  Expecially
when I try to upload stuff off of the computer.  I looked in the change
log for the driver and it hasn't changed in over a year.  After
reverting to the 2.2.5 kernel, everything worked fine again.  I'm happy,
but I definitely think there's probably some bigger problem in the

Bill Woessner
National Instruments
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1. X stops networking [was: networking OK only if manually started]

Earlier I posted about trouble I am having getting networking to
work.  I got a few replies from people I won't mention so they
don't get spammed, but you have my thanks!

Anyway, my /etc/inittab is correct and right after boot-up all is
well.  Meaning that I can ping to anywhere I desire.

But, I start getting pleanty of "network is unreachable" messages
after I start X.  This persists after I shutdown X.

Any ideas on that one?

Thanks again....

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