sysinfo question: what is the sysinfo.loads[0] mean ?

sysinfo question: what is the sysinfo.loads[0] mean ?

Post by Frank Sweetse » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

> Hi,
>     I'm working on a system information software with QT . I use the
> following code :
>   struct sysinfo info;
>  sysinfo(&info) ;
>  printf("%d",info.loads[0]);

>  I think it should be the same value of  /proc/loadavg , but it gives me
> a large number .
> Anyone can tell me what is the sysinfo.loads[0] mean  . Thanks a lot.

heh... just spent a few days myself on this problem.  the kernel can't use
any any floating point math, but the load average is not an integer, so
they use fixed point math on an unsigned long.  took a bit of digging
through kernel source to figure out how to extract the number.. here's a
code snippet.

        int whole, fract, tmp, i;
        float loads[3];

        for(i = 0 ; i >= 2 ; i++ ){
                tmp = ((info->loads[i]>>5) + 10);

                whole = tmp >> 11;
                fract = (((tmp & 0x7FF) * 100) >> 11);

                loads[i] = whole;
                loads[i] += ((float)fract / 100);

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