Driver updates needing kernel updates

Driver updates needing kernel updates

Post by Raphael Cliffor » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

This is a newbie question but something that has bugged me for a while.
Why are driver fixes part of new kernel releases?  I can see that
drivers that can't be installed as modules for whatever reason are
basically part of the kernel but I get the impression that every fix for
an ethernet card driver, for an example, has to be included in a 2.0.x
release.  Given that Linux is no longer a niche operating system and so
has thousands of different peripherals it supports doesn't this add an
unrealistic burden on the kernel maintainers, not to mention that most
of these updates are only relevant to a tiny subset of people whereas
the other fixes (e.g. memory management etc.) are relevant to
everybody.  Couldn't we have driver fixes that are not core kernel fixes
released in a different way and kept in a repository so that people just
go to the ftp site and download the latest driver if they need a fix :)
Just a thought,


1. MCA sysfs part V - update smc-mca driver (and updates to API)

This tidies up the mca driver API and places it into its own file.

The main part converts the smc-mca driver to using the sysfs probe interface
(and thus no-longer needs its entry in Space.c).  I had to rename the io and
irq parameters to be ultra_io and ultra_irq to prevent clashes.

I think this one concludes all the modifications to drivers of actual MCA
cards I have access to.


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