"double lock on device queue!", "Socket destroy delayed"

"double lock on device queue!", "Socket destroy delayed"

Post by Ulrich Leodolt » Tue, 19 Mar 1996 04:00:00


Since kernel version 1.3.72 the message "double lock on device queue!"
is printed to "/var/adm/syslog". After this "Socket destroy delayed" is
printed about every second to /var/adm/syslog at boot time and then on
my console.

What's the problem ?
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1. "keyboard error"; "socket destroy delayed"

There are two messages I am getting frequently with recent 1.3.xx kernels
(since at least 1.3.~60):

        * "keyboard error"
          when the system is under heavy load. Sometimes the keyboard
          malfunctions too: all keys are errenously interpreted as if
          I had typed shift (ctrl, alt) when in fact I have not until
          I press shift (ctrl, alt) the next time. Do you understand
          what I mean? I type "abc" but get "ABC" or "^A^B^C" until
          I press shift/ctrl.

        * "socket destroy delayed (r=0,w=xxx)"
          I get this when I try to use ISDN (teles S0-16.3) but the
          connection fails for some reason (line busy, for example).
          It is then repeated with intervals of some seconds until
          the next reboot.
          (The number xxx varies, but 220 and 236 seem common.)

Can anybody help me? I am using a 486/33 (ISA,16 MB RAM) with nothing
special, apart from the aforementioned teles S0-16.3 card and a
Adaptec AHA1542C with 2 HDs, 1 CDROM and 1 streamer attached.

I am sorry if I ask FAQs, but I could not find any information on the subject.

Sebastian Klein

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