correction: Swap Errors: scsi code broken?

correction: Swap Errors: scsi code broken?

Post by Reinout Heec » Mon, 20 Nov 1995 04:00:00


  even the slackware distribution 'idenet' kernel 1.2.13 generates the
occasional swap error now

Should I switch to a 1.3.xx kernel for a more stable system?
Or should I downgrade to 1.1.18 which runs *very* stable on one of my other

Hints desperatly wanted, preferrably by e-mail,

Thanks in advance!

Reinout Heeck


1. Ethernet driver tweak for error correction codes

Is it possible to use up the src, dest MAC addresses (12B) and the CRC field (4B?)
on a point-to-point full duplex Ethernet link for my own data?

I would like to implement an error correction on this, because I'm gonna build
a freespace laser link which would run just this way. And i want to use it on
foggy days too when there will be a lot of bits fallen out.

Is it possible to do it in the kernel somehow cleanly? How should I try to do it?
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