Double lock on socket - 1.3.69

Double lock on socket - 1.3.69

Post by Andrew Ro » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm still getting the occasional

Feb 28 14:07:09 gandalf kernel: double lock on socket at 00143533

with kernel 1.3.69. It doesn't seem to actually cause any problems. The
relevant section of is

00142a30 t do_tcp_sendmsg
001434a0 t tcp_sendmsg
001435c0 T tcp_read_wakeup
00143880 t tcp_recv_urg
00143a50 t cleanup_rbuf

There was no particularly heavy network load at the time - just a couple
of rlogins to other machines and localhost tcp conections for my x font
server. Anyone else getting these messages?


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inflicted disaster.)  Is 1.3.69 more stable than 1.3.100?  What
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