APM save to disk problem

APM save to disk problem

Post by Michal » Thu, 19 Mar 1998 04:00:00


 I have a problem with my BIOS bug.
My BIOS don't set recover timer frequency setting.
Then clock goes terribly slow (sound is unhearable and WM switch windows
with lag clock goes too slow, beeps are so long...)
 How can I restore Timer frequency? In know, how to set in in DOS
assembler, but I don't know, how to write it in Linux.
 I think that the best solution is to call kernel, but I never do it

 Zenith Data Systems Z-Star 700 P133 16M 1.3G ( Phoenix BIOS )
 Redhat 4.2 + 2.0.33



1. HELP: Linux APM and save-to-disk function

I have the *exact* same problem.  I was about to post a "please help"

It worked find under RedHat 4.0 and 4.1, but I just installed 4.2 and
now I see the problem.  About 1/2 the time, the system is completely
locked up after a resume -- not even Ctrl-Alt-Del will get a response.

My box is a Sharp 9030.

I'm guessing that perhaps the BIOS suspend/resume code is failing
to restore some register or another that Linux is depending on.

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