MSDOS-fs bug (?) since about 1.1.40

MSDOS-fs bug (?) since about 1.1.40

Post by <bra.. » Mon, 23 Jan 1995 05:02:21

There is a bug in the MSDOS fs or in the buffer cache that I am
able to reproduce reliably since at least the last 20 patchlevels
(I am using 1.1.83 now):
  Mount a MSDOS-floppy
  cp -a * /flop
(/flop the mount point, disk usage of directory about 1.44MB, just
fitting on a single floppy)
stops at a random point saying the media is full. Unmounting
and remounting again reveals that only about 75% to 83% have
been written. I never had problems with mtools though.

The bug occurs often accessing the floppy as /dev/fd0.
It occurs only rarely when accessing the floppy as e.g. /dev/fd0H1440,
so it's probably a timing problem.

I have a standard 486/33 ISA-only motherboard, no unusual
configuration details.
Anyone experiencing similar problems?


1. Kernel 1.1.40, libc 4.5.26, can only log in as root

After installing the Linux 1.1.40, while also installing libc.4.5.26, I
can now only login as 'root', with tcsh as shell, but my system refuses
to allow anyone else to log in ... I get the following:

Welcome to Ichthus! Linux 1.1.40.

ichthus login: evers
Last login: Sun Aug  7 23:21:07 on tty3
Linux 1.1.40. (Posix).
-tcsh: can't load library '/usr/lib/'
        Permission denied.

(... then new login prompt ...)
I've tried linking and copying the from /lib to /usr/lib,
and also since it itself is a link to, I've tried the
same with the latter; neither works.  They're all the same permissions,
all world readable & executable...  any ideas?

I've also tried other shells; I get the same message, with a different
shell name in denial!

BTW, I was also wondering if anyone has tried DOSEMU and gotten it to
work on 1.1.40 (I haven't tried, but I'm trying to get past this
login problem first...).


(510) 540-7297                                  Berkeley, CA 94704

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