Possible new hardware platform

Possible new hardware platform

Post by ErikLBro » Fri, 26 Feb 1999 04:00:00


For those of you who read both this newsgroup and comp.os.linux.advocacy, I
apologize for the redundant information.

My name is Erik Brown, and I have come up with a computer architecture that I
would like to develop in an open, collaborative fashion.  I would like to
explore ways of using the patent on the architecture as a sort of hardware GPL,
and am considering using GNU tools and perhaps the Linux kernel as the basis
for the machine's first O.S.  I submit that the asymmetric multiprocessing
nature of the architecture may be of interest to those that read this
newsgroup, and I ask for any comments and suggestions you might have regarding
the project.  The project web site is:


Thanks for your time!