Problem :-(((((( Help me please:-(((

Problem :-(((((( Help me please:-(((

Post by Ludovicy Stev » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

I have read all the howtos about how co configure IP Masquerade....
So I recompiled my kernel and the modules needed. There is a command (I
read this in the Howto) that says to my Linux machine wich machine is
allowed to access the INet via my Linux machine. It's the command:
Anyway - when I tape this command my Linux says me : command not found..
I am sure that my Linux is full installed (it's a RedHat Linux 4.0
-original). But the thing cannot find my command. What the hell is this
- somebody knows?
I have tried to install some new downloaded programs on my Linux. The
most of them are requesting a recompilation. Samba for example requests
that you make a script file "startsmb" and then compile it with "chmod".
All works fine, but after compiling I cannot execute this script...
I have some other programs that want to be "chamode"-ed(:-)). Chmod
works but after I cannot execute the program.....




1. gcc hugeprogram.c -o hugeprogram.c :-( :-( :-(

I just did something really dumb.

I was getting to the end of a marathon debugging session, like seriously 8
or 9 hours. I kept editing, recompiling, running; editing recompiling
running... I must have been getting tired, because I typed this:

gcc hugeprogram.c -o hugeprogram.c

Jeez - shouldn't a compiler warn you if you try to write over your source

Anyway, just to make sure, there's no magic trick for recovering source
code from gcc-compiled code, is there?

I was doing all my work in a unix window, and found scraps of the program
in the scroll-back buffer, but can't think of anything else to try.

I never use emoticons, but right now I am really bummed :-(

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