system hangs 1.2.13 AHA-2940 & SB16-SCSI-II & ATI Mach64

system hangs 1.2.13 AHA-2940 & SB16-SCSI-II & ATI Mach64

Post by Jason Venn » Tue, 26 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I recently installed an adaptec 2940 in my P100.
The 2940 has 3 drives attached
 QUANTUM   Model: XP34301
 QUANTUM   Model: PD1800S
 FUJITSU   Model: M2694ES-512

In addition, I have a SB16-SCSI-II with two devices
WANGTEK   Model: 6200-HS

I had a NCR*810 controller, but pulled it out because it didn't perform well
under linux - and the higher performing version of the driver was
unreliable for me.

This evening, the machine started to crash on me.

I was using the CD to install over the network (using samba to a
windows nt box).

The first time it happened, I was reading a tape, paging heavily do to
several pig processes running and doing the remote install from the

The second time, nothing much was going on on the machine except the

Anyone had any problems with this combination?
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1. Help w/AHA-2940, BIOS v.1.21 w/1.2.13 kernel

I would appreciate any information on the location of a patch which will
allow me to compile a 1.2.13 kernel which can support the Adaptec AHA-2940
adapter with BIOS version 1.21. The BBS we will be running on the system
will not operate under the newer ELF releases (so Tech Support tells me),
so upgrading is not possible.

I've managed to get the system running by raiding my home system, but I
need to get the 2940 up. I thought Token-Ring would be my biggest headache,
but SCSI has been my only trouble. I have a bootdisk which works, but the
kernel is not sufficiently outfitted. Give me a file name and location, I
can do the rest!

E. Michael Veach
Systems Admin.
Business Software, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

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