Compiling Kernel 2.0.35 for m68k machine

Compiling Kernel 2.0.35 for m68k machine

Post by Jan Andr » Sat, 19 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi all!

I've got a Pentium, and now I want to cross-compile my kernel to run
on my old Amiga. I did the following to reach this:

1. Made cross binutils 2.9.1, cross gcc 2.8.1 and glibc 2.0.? to run on
   m68k-unknown-linux-gnu systems. With this configuration, I can com-
   pile programs.
2. Changed the kernel Makefiles to "ARCH=m68k" and to the right binary
   path of the cross binutils and gcc. After that, configured the
3. Then typed "make vmlinux".

I get an error because the compiler can't find the file
<asm/semaphore.h>, which is included by <linux/fs.h>. I see that the
semaphore.h file is only present in the i386 and alpha assembler in-
clude dirs.
So what can I do to make the kernel compile without that file, or
where can I get the file from (would be glad if someone could post it
or mail it to me, since I have no TCP/IP access).

Thank you and byebye

PS: This is my first posting to a newsgroup. Am I doing it right?

Jan Andres

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