Kernel Change Summary 2.0.11

Kernel Change Summary 2.0.11

Post by Michael Elizabeth Chasta » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Kernel Change Summary
Linux 2.0.11 (7443 lines)
Mon 5 Aug 1996

My KCS archive:

Documentation/Changes (259 lines):
    Japanese version available [Mitsohiro Kojima].
    gpm revised from 1.09 to 1.10.
    lilo.config: ramdisk=0 does not work.
    termcap library section removed.
    getty_ps revised from 2.0.7h to 2.0.7i.
    hdparm revised from 2.9 to 3.0.
    frame relay section added.
    md revised from 034 to 035.
    arpd revised to 1.0.2.
    updated revised to 1.2.
    dosemu revised from to
    cyclades driver minor numbers start at 0, not 32.
    e2fsprogs revised to 1.04.

Documentation/ (56 lines):
    CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640_ENHANCED: new option.
    CONFIG_PCWATCHDOG: new option.

Documentation/digiboard.txt (39 lines):
    DIGICU_MAJOR is 22; DIGI_MAJOR is 23.
    Make 16 minor devices.

Documentation/ide.txt (87 lines):
    Work around more nasty CMD640 bugs.
    new "idebus=" bus speed parameter.

arch/alpha/Makefile (18 lines):
    LINKFLAGS handles elf linking.

arch/alpha/boot/Makefile (92 lines):
    LINKFLAGS handles elf linking.
    new OBJSTRIP tool.

arch/alpha/boot/main.c (55 lines):
    change memory sizes.

arch/alpha/boot/tools/build.c (177 lines):
    file removed.

arch/alpha/boot/tools/objstrip.c (284 lines) [David Mosberger-Tang]:
    new file: converts an ECOFF or ELF object file into a bootable file.

arch/alpha/kernel/ksyms.c (41 lines):
    dump_thread, dump_fpu, wrusp: added.

arch/alpha/kernel/process.c (26 lines):
    dump_fpu: new function.

arch/alpha/lib/memcpy.c (13 lines):
    memcpy: add __ELF__ symbol.

arch/alpha/lib/memset.S (13 lines):
    memset: add __ELF__ symbol.

arch/i386/kernel/process.c (21 lines):
    dump_fpu: add paramater 'struct pt_regs * regs'.

arch/i386/kernel/traps.c (17 lines):
    do_reserved: new function for reserved trap codes.

drivers/block/ (13 lines):

drivers/block/ali14xx.c (75 lines):
    ALI_14xx_BUS_SPEED: remove.
    timeTab: remove.
    ali14xx_tune_drive: rewrite.

drivers/block/cmd640.c (1317 lines) [Mark Lord]:
    credit for the beta test team.
    massive code cleanup.
    defaults all drives to PIO mode0, prefetch off.
    autotune is OFF by default, with compile time flag.
    prefetch can be turned OFF/ON using "hdparm -p8/-p9".
    move initial reg dump to separate callable function.
    change "readahead" to "prefetch" to avoid confusion.
    respect original BIOS timings unless autotuning.
    added CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640_ENHANCED option.
    prevent use of unmask when prefetch is on.
    prevent use of io_32bit when prefetch is off.
    fix VLB secondary interface.
    other minor tune-ups.

drivers/block/floppy.c (19 lines):
    fdc_specify: enable for sparc.

drivers/block/ide-cd.c (76 lines):
    ide_cdrom_ioctl: reduce kernel stack usage for ioctl [Gadi].

drivers/block/ide.c (358 lines):
    set_tune: fix race condition.
    fix bug in earlier PCMCIA cdrom update.
    if def'd, invoke CMD640_DUMP_REGS when irq probe.
    do_reset1: lengthen pulse, for laptops.
    add idebus=xx parameter for cmd640 and ali chipsets.
    no_unmask flag now per-drive instead of per-hwif.
    tune_req: fix so that it gets done immediately.
    ide_ioctl: fix missing restore_flags.
    prevent use of io_32bit on cmd640 with no prefetch.
    fix minor quirks in probing routines.

drivers/block/ide.h (82 lines):
    special_t: change set_pio to set_tune.
    ide_drive_t: add no_unmask, add no_io_32bit, change pio_req to tune_req.
    ide_hwif_t: remove no_unmask.

drivers/block/ide_modes.h (171 lines):
    ide_pio_timings_t: new type.
    ide_pio_data_t: new type.
    ide_pio_timings: new table.
    ide_pio_blacklist: add CFS540A, WDC AC21200.
    ide_get_best_pio_mode: rewrite.

drivers/block/umc8672.c (93 lines) [Mark Lord]:
    replace sti() with restore_flags().
    add detection of possible race condition.

drivers/char/ (11 lines):

drivers/char/Makefile (31 lines):
    CONFIG_DIGI: can build as module.

drivers/char/cyclades.c (54 lines):
    cy_ioctl: case TIOCSSOFTCAR, case TIOCSSERIAL: call verify_area.
    cy_open: call MOD_INC_USE_COUNT earlier.

drivers/char/pcwd.c (335 lines) [Ken Hollis]:
    new driver for PC watchdog.

drivers/char/pcxx.c (379 lines):
    CLOCAL fix, pcxe_table clearing [Martin Mares].
    pcxe_open: fix bug [David Nugent].
    modem control fixes, majors correctly assigned [Brian J. Murrell].

drivers/isdn/pcbit/edss1.c (11 lines):
    pcbit_fsm_event: call restore_flags on error return.

drivers/net/3c505.c (11 lines):
    send_pcb: case ASF_PCB_ACK: call cli before returning.

drivers/net/3c509.c (12 lines):
    el3_start_xmit: change timeout from 40 jiffies to 0.40 seconds.

drivers/scsi/aha1542.c (19 lines):
    aha1542_detect: call restore_flags on error return.

drivers/scsi/eata_dma.c (469 lines):
    supports ix86 and MIPS, untested on ALPHA.

drivers/scsi/eata_dma_proc.c (189 lines):
    eata_proc_info: rewrite.

drivers/scsi/eata_generic.h (48 lines):
    DELAY: don't call barrier().
    HA_CTRLREG: new HBA control register.
    hostdata: remove t_state, remove t_timeout.

drivers/scsi/eata_pio.c (125 lines):
    hprint: remove.
    eata_pio_send_command: enable interrupts for HBA.
    undocumented changes.

drivers/scsi/scsi.c (125 lines):
    undocumented changes.

drivers/scsi/scsicam.c (21 lines):
    partsize: use get_unaligned to fetch start_sect and nr_sects.

drivers/scsi/sg.c (12 lines):
    sg_command_done: change computation of device->header.result.

drivers/scsi/sr.c (26 lines):
    sr_photocd: set is_xa if sector is non-zero.
    sr_photocd: ignore sector offsets from first track.

drivers/scsi/st.c (12 lines):
    st_ioctl: for MTSEEK, call flush_buffer with seek_next false.

drivers/sound/.objects (17 lines):
    CONFIG_SB: remove, merged into CONFIG_SBDSP.

drivers/sound/sb_common.c (13 lines):
    probe_sbmpu: allow hw_config->iobase to be <= 0.

drivers/sound/sequencer.c (11 lines):
    seq_chn_voice_event: chn 9: set synth_devs[dev]->chn_info[chn].pgm_num.

fs/binfmt_elf.c (753 lines):
    undocumented changes.

fs/fat/inode.c (43 lines):
    fat_read_super: use get_unaligned.

fs/file_table.c (64 lines):
    insert_file_free: rewrite.
    remove_file_free: rewrite.
    put_last_free: rewrite.

fs/super.c (22 lines):
    do_mount_root: warn if booting from floppy and no ramdisk support.
    change_root: change 'okay' message from KERN_NOTICE to default level.

include/asm-alpha/elf.h (42 lines):
    NGREG: change from 32 to 33.
    elf_check_arch: new macro.
    new core dump macros.

include/asm-alpha/fcntl.h (16 lines):
    struct flock: change types to __kernel_types.

include/asm-alpha/posix_types.h (46 lines):
    __kernel_sigset_t: new type.
    __FD_ISSET: second parameter points to const; add const cases 16, 4.

include/asm-alpha/unistd.h (89 lines):
    __NR_nfsctl: add.
    _syscall{0,1,2,3,4,5}: implement.

include/asm-i386/elf.h (32 lines):
    elf_check_arch: new macro.
    new core dump macros.

include/asm-i386/system.h (21 lines):
    gdt layout: fix comment.

include/asm-m68k/elf.h (24 lines):
    elf_check_arch: new macro.
    new core dump macros.

include/asm-mips/elf.h (24 lines):
    elf_check_arch: new macro.
    new core dump macros.

include/asm-ppc/elf.h (21 lines):
    elf_check_arch: new macro.
    new core dump macros.

include/asm-sparc/elf.h (23 lines):
    elf_check_arch: new macro.
    new core dump macros.

include/linux/elf.h (211 lines):
    add new EM_* types.
    Elf64_{Dyn,Rel,Rela,Sym,Ehdr,Phdr,Shdr,Nhdr}: new types.

include/linux/major.h (15 lines):
    change DIGI_MAJOR to 23.
    change DIGI_CUMAJOR to 22.

include/linux/mtio.h (14 lines):
    struct mtget: change daddr_t to __kernel_daddr_t.

include/linux/netdevice.h (31 lines):
    move more stuff inside __KERNEL__.

include/linux/pcwd.h (26 lines):
    new driver for PC watchdog.

include/linux/posix_types.h (12 lines):
    add tag 'struct fd_set'.

include/linux/string.h (40 lines):
    change size_t to __kernel_size_t.

include/net/spx.h (42 lines):
    new file for SPX protocol.

kernel/sched.c (12 lines):
    update_process_times: fix bug in smp code.

mm/mmap.c (25 lines):
    do_munmap: always do main loop at least once; don't call zap_page_range.

mm/vmalloc.c (12 lines):
    vremap: fix high_memory test.

net/core/dev.c (14 lines):
    net_bh: add missing sti() in bridge code.

net/core/sock.c (21 lines):
    sock_wmalloc, sock_rmalloc: fix buffer size computation.

net/ethernet/eth.c (12 lines):
    eth_copy_and_sum: fix eth pointer initialization.

net/ipv4/af_inet.c (25 lines):
    inet_bind: change -EIO to -EINVAL.
    inet_accept: if sk2->state == TCP_CLOSE, return -ECONNABORTED.

net/ipv4/arp.c (11 lines):
    arp_send_q: call cli().

net/ipv4/rarp.c (11 lines):
    rarp_destroy_dev: call sti().

net/ipv4/tcp.c (61 lines):
    tcp_memory_free: new function.
    do_tcp_sendmsg: new_mss may be zero.
    tcp_recvmsg: handle errors with MSG_PEEK.

net/ipv4/tcp_output.c (11 lines):
    tcp_send_reset: call alloc_skb instead of sock_wmalloc.

Michael Chastain


Kernel Change Summary 2.0.11

Post by Mark Lo » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

>Kernel Change Summary
>Linux 2.0.11 (7443 lines)
>Mon 5 Aug 1996


>drivers/block/cmd640.c (1317 lines) [Mark Lord]:
>    credit for the beta test team.
>    massive code cleanup.
>    defaults all drives to PIO mode0, prefetch off.

Actually, the default for all drives is to leave
the PIO/prefetch modes untouched, as whatever state
the BIOS left them in.

For Linux IDE (big/many) help, see:  /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ide.txt
For latest Linux kernels:


Kernel Change Summary 2.0.11

Post by Michael Elizabeth Chasta » Thu, 08 Aug 1996 04:00:00

>>Kernel Change Summary
>>Linux 2.0.11 (7443 lines)
>>Mon 5 Aug 1996


>>drivers/block/cmd640.c (1317 lines) [Mark Lord]:
>>    credit for the beta test team.
>>    massive code cleanup.
>>    defaults all drives to PIO mode0, prefetch off.

>Actually, the default for all drives is to leave
>the PIO/prefetch modes untouched, as whatever state
>the BIOS left them in.

It's in there.  Just keep going ...

    respect original BIOS timings unless autotuning.

The 'defaults to PIO mode0' comment was from 0.90, and 'respects
original BIOS timings' was from 0.95.  Both lines are in there because I
failed to notice that the second line obsoletes the first (BIOS timings
doesn't look the same thing as PIO mode at all).

Michael Chastain