Linux Divide by zero error when running "ps u" 1.3.77

Linux Divide by zero error when running "ps u" 1.3.77

Post by Aaron Rya » Sat, 06 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I upgraded my server from kernel 1.2.8 to 1.3.77 to
take advantage of the IPaliasing.  Ihave run into
two problems. See if you know the answers.

I installed slakware 3.0 and upgraded the kernel to 1.3.77
inorder to get the ELF binary libraries and GCC.

Problem 1:
Whenever I run "ps u" I get a divide by zero error.
howvwer, ps with any other options works fine.  

problem 2:
I created a program that makes a database with passwords in it.
Whenever I compile the old prgram with the new GCC the passwords
aren't recognized.  However, if I compile the program on a
machine with Slakware 2.3 (kernel 1.2.8) and transfer it over ,
the program works fine.  Is there differnces in how ELF and aout
organize data structures? Or is there a way to force
the GCC to compile using the A.out format instead of ELF.

Aaron Ryan


1. modems get locked up with linux 1.3.77 and mgetty0.99

   I have two different modems that after some use (with a very
noisy line) get locked. Not even lowering the DTR (for up to 2 seconds) will
reset them. Yes, at&d3 is set. When one of them get locked I tried:

lowering the DTR (for up to 2 seconds, just in case since ats25=2)

The only way to unlock it is to reboot (ouch!).

They are on a 486 running linux 1.3.77 with mgetty 0.99Dic31. They
are connected as COM3 & COM4. COM1 & COM2 are disabled.

Here is some info about them:

modem #1
at+fmfr?   TAICOM    
at+fmdl?   9624,2,E,290E
at+frev?   Sep-24-1991
ati4       V.32bis/FAX MODEM. S/W Version 5.10

modem #2
at+fmfr?   ROCKWELL
at+fmdl?   RC32ACL
at+frev?   CEP-03 3/15/94
ati6       RC144DPi Rev CA

I'll be grateful if someone could provide with any other ideas on how to
unlock them. Thanks in advance,

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