Security system

Security system

Post by Thom » Wed, 22 Aug 2001 14:55:02

 I am currently doing a project to developed a security system for
redhat linux using C language.
1. Is there any library/API that I can use to do some system
setting(disable services, change file attributes)?

2. I need to do some modification to file in linux. Are there any
easier way than to use basic file I/O in C? I need to change the
content in certain file(s).

3. Has anyone does a linux based security system using C?



1. Generic Security Systems for modem access


  I'm trying to get a number of our clients to accept that we need dialin
modem access to their unix machines (Sun/Hp-UX/Digital/AIX). Unfortunately
most are a little paranoid about putting modems in, because of the security
issues. What I need is a security product, similar to Securid that will:

Not require massive outlays on dedicated servers;
Allow modem connections

Anyone have any recommendations ?

    Steve Morgan

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