Backport of large disk support?

Backport of large disk support?

Post by Raphael Cliffor » Mon, 15 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Is there any plan to backport the improved large disk support in 2.2.x
to 2.0.37?  It is very common to have >8gB drive for the new
installations and a pain for the uninitiated to get it to work at the
moment :).

1. Rescue disk with support for large IDE disk?

Hi there,

My linux system has crashed with disk errors; whenever I try to startup
(using loadlin from DOS); I get the beginnings of a successful startup,
followed by a sequence of disk errors, and finally a kernel panic and the
system hangs.

So I'm trying to get into the system using a rescue disk; I've got hold of
two: rescue02, and resque_disk.2.0.22, both of which look good.  Trouble
is, I have a 1.2 Gb IDE disk, and thus the parameters need somehow to be
passed to the kernel (via LILO), so that linux can access /dev/hda2 and
/dev/hda3 for me to e2fsck them and correct any disk errors.

Does anybody know the secrets of this?  I've tried fiddling with
lilo.conf files on both rescue disks but so far to no avail.  It's *very*
annoying, and I would dearly welcome some advice or help.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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