kerneld support for 1.3.??

kerneld support for 1.3.??

Post by David B. Lounsberr » Sun, 01 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone been maintaining the kerneld patches for the 1.3 tree? Supposedly
kerneld is designed for the 1.3 kernels. I attempted to patch 1.3.30 with
the patch file made from 1.2.8 but no go. Don't get me wrong....I did "attempt"
to manually change the .c files but quickly found that there were quite a few
changes in the IPC networking code.  

David B. Lounsberry


1. kerneld and 1.3.3x?

        has anyone gotten kerneld to work with the later 1.3.x kernels
let's say 1.3.30? if so, please mail me how you did it. I am having
trouble getting it to work. Thanks!

Jauder Ho     Chaos Theory Group, Physics    

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