Creative Labs MPEG-2/DVD board

Creative Labs MPEG-2/DVD board

Post by cras » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Anyone working on support for the Creative Labs MPEG-2/DVD board?


1. Q: Creative DVD Encore (+Creative Dxr2 Decoder Board)?

My Mitsumi 8x CD drive has died and I'm planning to
"upgrade" my box with a Creative DVD(5x)/CD(32x) (EIDE) drive.
This DVD drive comes together with a MPEG-2 PCI board.

My environment is a hybrid one (Windows + Linux).
I will use DVD on window only, but since this will
be the only CD drive in the box, I must be able to read
CDs from Linux, boot, and install Linux from that (DVD)CD drive.

Has anybody experience with this configuration?
Where do I get Linux drivers for this DVD/CD drive and MPEG board?

(I've installed SuSE Linux 6.0).



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