Kernel data to user space files

Kernel data to user space files

Post by Monkey Bo » Thu, 24 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I am doing security reasearch in Linux and have been reading up on the
kernel and there is a lack of documentation on many features.  What I
need to do is move large amounts of data from inside the kernel to a
file on the harddrive so that it can later be analyzed.  The data comes
erraticly and in about 32K chunks.  Some one told me to use mmap and
copy_to_user but would say any more about it.  I looked in the
documentation I have and I can't find much on either of these.  I think
I understand copy_to_user but not how to use mmap to map a file out on
the hard drive.  Could someone direct me to some documentation/examples
or explain any of this to me?  I am proficient in C but not on the
kernel stuff.



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Could you please help me with this. I wrote a driver to screen IP
packets. Now I need to collect some data and put them in a file so that
I can do the analysis on them later.

I've tried with a simple file writing technique, my driver can't open
it. I'm using Solaris 2.6 but later I'll move my application to Solaris
2.8 for IPv6.

Thanks for noticing my problem.


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