Linux ROM-able?

Linux ROM-able?

Post by R. Ransbott » Fri, 23 Oct 1998 04:00:00

>I'll try to make this to the point:  Is Linux ROM-able?  Can it be put on a
>flash ROM?  What version would I want to use?

Apparently.  Check out Corel's netwinder project.  They have a ARM based
Linux computer that boots out of flash.




1. Making Linux ROM-able

We're trying to get Linux to boot and run from ROM in a diskless
system.  It will be a closed, non-upgradable system with modem,
soundcard.  Needs X-window support and a few x-applications.

There seem to be several issues:

1. modify the boot sequence.
2. what to do with the file system.
3. what can and can't run in ROM (ie needs to be writable). We have
some flash in the system as well.
4. trimming the OS (we have a max of 8MB to play with.

If anyone has experience or ideas about any of these problems, please
reply.  We're just starting and could use any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


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