What does kernel message mean?

What does kernel message mean?

Post by Peter Bake » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I have 2.2.6 running and every so often I get the meassge below

madness2 kernel: >5D 1D 81 16 7D 31 86 C4 ]...}1..

It ssems to hang netscape (4.08) but can't see any other problems.



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1. What does this message mean for aha152x kernel boot disk

I have an Adaptec AVA-2825 VLB SCSI controller with the AIC 6360 chip.
I am using the aha252x boot disk kernel

I get the following message:
aha152x  Current partition table is using extended translation.
        using it also, although its not explicitly enabled.

Is this a problem and do I need to fix it?

Brian E. Lavender

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