HELP: Cannot play audio cd on 2.1.123

HELP: Cannot play audio cd on 2.1.123

Post by Gwobaw A. » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

   I just upgraded to linux 2.1.123, but I found that I cannot play audio
cd.  xplaycd and workman would just show up with no cd disk.
The system can read iso9660 data cd, and the sound card is playing music
(xanim is doing just fine).

/dev/cdrom is linked to /dev/hdd and the permission of /dev/hdd is set to 666.

Does anyone know what kind of problem is this?


1. HELP: 2.1.123 ide-cd driver not working for playing audio cd

   I recently upgraded my linux 2.0.31 ( RedHat 5.0 ) to linux 2.1.123
and found that ide-cd driver does not initialize cdrom properly for playing
audio cd.  It works when I turned back to 2.0.31.  In addition, if I boot
windows98 and warm boot 2.1.123, then it works.  
The /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ide-cd.txt says something about this behavior.
There must be something missing since 2.0.31 works for my drive, an Atlas 24X
ATAPI drive.

Can someone give me clues how to solve this problem, or direct me where to
get the proper drivers?

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