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: Hello everybody,

: The terminal speeds supported by termios are, inter alia, 4800, 9600,
: 19200. Now many modems support speeds like 7200, 12000 and 14400.  But
: the terminal device can't be set to that speed.  If the modem to modem
: connect speed is, say, 14400 then what is the actual speed of the
: terminal? Can they be different? Why is it that termios do not have
: entries for bauds 7200, 12000 and 14400?

This is a DCE vs. DTE matter. The speed of your modem connection need not
equal the speed of the computer talking to the modem. With error correction
this of course makes immense sense, as the computer can feed the modem data
faster than it send/receives, as it compresses it. Read any standard FAQ on
modems. This isn't even a Linux thing, DOS/Windoze do this too. (Try settting
Telix or Telemate to 14400, it won't do it usually). There are better
explanations. For them, RTFM.

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