Addon FPU replacement? bypasses, ignores or has drivers for linux.

Addon FPU replacement? bypasses, ignores or has drivers for linux.

Post by Mr. Caldwe » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I would like to find a substitute FPU with better performance, if possible I'd
like it to be compatible and perhaps take over from the built in FPU.

I not that then I'd want one with a driver/compiler lib that lets standard
linux apps compile to use it.

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1. fpu - safe to ignore?

I have an Intel board which I don't believe is the 302 mentioned in
the OSE5 handbook - there are no jumpers associated with an fpu. In any
case, I don't have a co-processor chip, but a 486DX 33; according to
hwconfig and boot output, I have a 387 fpu on IRQ15. (Yes - I know it
should be 13, but something strange has happened to all my IRQ
settings). I tried "unix ignorefpu" at the boot prompt and sure enough, it
didn't appear. Is this a safe thing to do? Is this a pseudo device -
emulated fpu maybe? If I put that line in DEFBOOTSTR, can I make
alternative use of IRQ13?


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