Access user buffer from different context

Access user buffer from different context

Post by lira » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

I want to know is it possible to access user space buffer
from other context inside the kernel without doing context
is it possible to make user space address visible all
other kernel space without considire which context I am.
if I understood correct copy_to_user will work only if you
are in the right context.
If somebody knows the answer or can reference me to a
sample code it will be very helpfull.

Thanks Liran.

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1. Changing user ids to access different machines over NFS

Hey all,

With hindsight the problem does not exist, but how would I do this

I have

Vax account user:marcu uid:1919 group:?
Sun account user:marcu uid:1919 group:udhxx

linux(RH7.3) box bob, account user:marcu uid:500 groupid:501

Bob is my machine and the rest are managed by uncooperative sys
admins (just this sys admins are uncooperative, not all in general

So the how do I change uid on bob to be 1919 so I can write to the vax
and sun machines accounts, having them mounted via NFS. (It has taken
me a while to determine that this is the source of error!) I have
tried editing /etc/passwd file and I get an error when I start a new
shell and all the permissions on my home space on bob are blocked.

Help, obviously if I started with a fresh install I give my self the
proper ID and that would solve it but (my next machine will be like
this) but adding users and trying to change ownerships is creating
such a mess that I am lost.

Thanks in advance, marcu

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