Secure Linux

Secure Linux

Post by Jorge Dávi » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00

        We are involved in an accademical project on Operative
Systems Security and we are dedicated to modify Linux to inclu-
de in it file systems protected cryptographically. We want tho-
se services to be transparent for the user, and leaving the user
to select from different possibilities the algorithm used.

        We are studing the Linux file system and modifying the
system calls to support the new operations making them compa-
tible with all the actual functionalities. Also we are consi-
dering various estrategies to protect the user password and
temporarily decripted blocks in a multiuser enviroment.

        We imagine that this kind of acctivities have to be in
curse in some other places and research groups, and we would
like to contact them to collaborate and exchange information.

        If we succeed in our project, we consider our results
public and we will leave in public dominium our Secure_Linux
version. We are interested on all the people interested in
joinig the group or, at least, keep in contact to exchange in-
formation or reviewing our job.

        We will appreciate any comments and information that
would help us to make possible this new Linux version. Please
reply to our mailling list...

or to any of us ...

        Thanks in advance for your attention and collaboration,

                        Secure_Linux Group
                Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain)