Q: uid in /proc/net/tcp

Q: uid in /proc/net/tcp

Post by Bernd Striede » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00


since I'm no kernel hacker I reference the place where the problem
occurs to me.

In /proc/net/tcp sockets representing tcp-connections are listed, and
there is a column which lists the uid.

What are the semantics of this uid?

- Is it the current uid of the process the socket belongs to?
- Is it the uid the process the socket belongs to had when the socket
was created?
- Anything else or more complicated?

Some more theoretically questions:

Are those sockets associated an uid internally to achieve certain
functionality or is this uid just a convenience to the reader of

Are there reasons that this uid must be the euid, or could it be the
ruid as well?


I have in front of me an implementation of the IDENT protocol, RFC 1413,
which reads /proc/net/tcp and returns the uid of this file, although it
might be more reasonable to return the ruid. Often programs with SUID
root cause ident-calls, but somehow one should assume that it is an
implementation detail of those programs that they are SUID root, and the
answers identd returns should be based on the real user. ident-calls are
mostly done by tcp-wrappers.

My problem is that I want to connect via rlogin to a Solaris machine,
but my identd returns to this machine that my rlogin connection belongs
to root. But root is not allowed to rlogin to this machine.

So after all this might indicate a problem in the currently installed


Bernd Strieder.


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