Compiling apps under >74

Compiling apps under >74

Post by J.J Nicholso » Wed, 11 Jan 1995 23:03:14

With the directory moving with patchleve 75 I have found it nigh on
impossible to comple certain applications, notably DOSEMU & SVGALIB.

Is there a quick way to fix this (other than symlinking all the files,
which is what I have done) or do we need to wait for a new version?




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1. Adaptec 1542C / Linux-2.1.>74: error message...

Dear Linux gurus,

Linux-2.1.75 and -2.1.76 aren't too happy with my Adaptec-1542C
SCSI controller (it's the second of two SCSI controllers in my
ix586 Linux box, the other one is an Adaptec 2940). During the
booting process, the following error messages show up:

 Dec 26 12:00:47 local kernel: aha1542.c: Trying device reset for target
 Dec 26 12:00:47 local kernel: HACC aha1542.c: interrupt received, but n

 Dec 26 12:00:47 local kernel: Sent BUS RESET to scsi host 0

Nothing but turning off the offending device (an external CD-ROM drive)
would stop the repetition of this type of error message.

Sorry, I didn't really find the cause for this, but after browsing
through the differences in linux/driver/scsi/aha1542.[ch] between
Linux-2.1.74 and -2.1.7[56], I chose to switch off the use of the new
error handling code (I'm including a patch below) (just a
guess...). With the patch included below, Linux-2.1.76 boots without
error messages, and the devices connected to the Adaptec-1542C work

Many thanks to everyone involved for all the great work put into Linux!

Best regards, and best wishes for 1998,


--- snip, snip ---
/o/src/linux/drivers/scsi # rcsdiff -c -r1.1 aha1542.h
RCS file: aha1542.h,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -c -r1.1 aha1542.h
*** aha1542.h   1997/12/27 18:51:02     1.1
--- aha1542.h   1997/12/27 18:51:05
*** 172,177 ****
                     cmd_per_lun:               AHA1542_CMDLUN,
                     unchecked_isa_dma:         1,
                     use_clustering:            ENABLE_CLUSTERING,
!                    use_new_eh_code:           1}

--- 172,177 ----
                     cmd_per_lun:               AHA1542_CMDLUN,
                     unchecked_isa_dma:         1,
                     use_clustering:            ENABLE_CLUSTERING,
!                    use_new_eh_code:           0}

--- snip, snip ---

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